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All menus are devised using Welsh government guidelines.

Children will be provided with regular drinks and well balanced, nutritional meals in adequate quantities for their needs.

Fresh drinking water will be available to children at all times.

Children who will attend the nursery for a full day will be provided with breakfast, midday meal, afternoon tea and late snack and drinks routinely. They will be varied and nutritious and meet the religious, cultural and dietary requirements of all the children.

All food will be stored safely to ensure that children receive food and drink which is properly prepared.

policies and procedures

All policies are readily available to all parents. Parents are asked to carefully read all policies and procedures as they are very important. Nursery contracts, policies and procedures may be amended from time to time, and you will be given an up to date copy, as and when the need arises.

equal opportunities

All children, parents/guardians receiving this service will be treated with equal respect. The provision of equality in the formative years is crucial as future attitudes are laid during the early years of a child's life.

Good practice ensures that children learn to value and respect one another as individuals.
Our aim is to maximise each child's motivation by encouraging his / her sense of wellbeing by including racial and cultural emphasis in all aspects of the learning experience.

this will be achieved through:

1. Treating each child and their family with respect.
2. Staff attitudes.
3. Anti-sexist attitudes.
4. Celebrating religious and cultural occasions.
5. Providing materials, play resources and equipment that offers positive images of disabilities, non-stereotyping regarding culture, race, gender and show a multi-ethnic society.
6. Liaising with outside bodies.
7. Challenging remarks; negative or discriminatory remarks are challenged, as they are hurtful to children.
8. Learning the positive aspects of bilingualism.

child protection

Funtazia Day Nursery is following the All Wales Child Protection Procedures. This enables us to protect the children's welfare and safeguard them from neglect and abuse.

All staff members will be aware of the possible indicators of abuse or neglect and of the procedure for dealing with suspected cases. A full copy of our child protection policy is available for all parents at the nursery.

All staff employed by the nursery are required to undergo a DBS check. If a member of staff was suspected of harming a child they would be immediately suspended and an investigation would be carried out. The police, CSSIW and social services would be involved as appropriate.

special educational needs

The nursery welcomes children with Special Educational Needs wherever possible, (please ask to see our Special Needs Policy for further information).

inclusion of children with special educational needs and disabilities

The nursery will enable children, staff, parents and visitors who have disabilities to have equal access and opportunities to their provision.

this will be achieved by:

1. A manager being responsible as a special needs co-ordinator within the nursery, identifying specific needs and consulting with other relevant professionals on the welfare and development of the child.
2. Ensuring that there is adequate space available to provide for wheelchair users.
3. Disabled toilet facilities.
4. Special Needs Children having access alongside their peers to the facilities, activities and play opportunities provided whenever possible.

Policies and procedures that are consistent with current legislation and guidance will be available to parents at all times.

contact details

Funtazia Day Nursery
Gurnos Estate
Merthyr Tydfil
CF47 9DT

01685 728557

07734 724640

childcare vouchers

Here at Funtazia Day Nursery we are happy to confirm we are registered to accept Childcare vouchers.


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